FAR CRY VR Official Trailer is Announced by Ubisoft

Far Cry VR official trailer has been announced. The game is going to lauch in next year 2021. Your goal will be to explore the island, escape and then survive. 


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Ubisoft has joined with Zero Latency exclusively to lauch this game. The game Far Cry 3 will be available in 22 countries covering 45 venues. Their systems invites up to eight players to experience free roam multiplayer VR.

How Players Will Experience in the Game

Players will put on backpack behind them and headset. Then they will run towards the real world gameplay. There, they will interact with enemies and then fight back. according to Zero Latency, there will be Vass as the main villain in the VR games. Besides, he is the best far cry villein considered. Obviously you cannot play this game in your room.

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As this game is launching exclusively by Zero Latency, you have to go to their location. Obviously a bunch of other people will join with you. It is just a fact like diving into the insanity right?

Firstly, Ubisoft want their players to part of the game, take the real world experience like they are exploring a new world. They want you to fighting your way through the parts and try to escape. However, you can check out Zero Latency what the have portraited in the game. All told they are saying about the game is this is the definition of insanity.

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Fight your way across Rook Islands’ vast environments. Come face-to-face with Vaas as you and your group dive deeper and deeper into the jungle.

You’re about to discover the definition of insanity.”

Zero Latency

Ubisoft is saying , to do the medium justice, to be giving time and respect it deserves, is really powerful. Also it is going to elevate everyone’s experience to the next level.

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So it will be much fun for the players who like far cry and can actually go to the Zero Latency venues to play the game.

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