Flash Skin Set Fortnite And Flash Cup Release Date, Price And Others

It features the new Fortnite Flash Skin Set called the ‘Flash Outfit’ and a duo tournament called ‘The Flash Cup’.

Fortnite has officially announced their new Fortnite Flash Skin Set called the ‘FLASH OUTFIT’, which will come on February 13th, Saturday at 7 PM ET (EASTERN TIME Zone).

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Undoubtedly, the Flash Outfit also seems quite to be a copy of Lachlan by the players. Furthermore, there are also 5 more additional features added along with the Flash Set. And they are as follows:

  1. Flash Outfit- which is the main announcement figure. And will also enter as the DC hero character, Barry Allen.
  2. Speed Force Slashers Pickaxe- The brand new pickaxe- a dual weapon along with its lightning strikes.
  3. Speed Force Back Bling- A Back Bling with the Flash electrified logo on it.
  4. Quite Bite Emote- An emote where you grab a snack at light speed.

Besides, the Flash Skin Set in Fortnite will either be included individually or together as a bundle.

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Flash Cup Tournament

Fortnite has also included a Duos tournament called ‘The Flash Cup’. It will release on February 10th. It will include the Flash Outfit and Speed Force Back Bling which players can grab beforehand. By partnering up and playing 10 matches in a 3 Hour window.

Conditions To Join The Tournament

Players will need to definitely have an account level of 30 or above along with 2 FA. Along with the announcement of the timing for each region.

Furthermore, for the wish to enter the tournament. You will need to abide by the rules. By giving the player’s introduction and acceptance and by ensuring fair play in the tournament. Besides, there will also be three leagues. And they will announce the format.

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