Fortnite Alli Skin Release Date, Price, Items, Battle Pass And Other Details


Fortnite has recently announced the upcoming skin Alli, which is the sister of Lynx to arrive in April

Fortnite Alli skin has just been announced by the team to be released in April. More specifically, it will be available on 31st March, 8 PM ET to only Fortnite crew members who are active. The skin includes the outfit, back bling, pickaxe, cat’s paw wrap, and finally the Catwalk Loading Screen. Apart from that, there is also good news for the Fortnite crew members.

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Details of the Fortnite Alli Skin

As mentioned previously, the pack will have in total 5 items including the outfit. And they are the Squee back bling, the Skellyfish pickaxe, cat’s paw wrap, and the Catwalk Loading Screen.

Design of the Fortnite Alli Skin

Allli Outfit

It is a female skin with pink hair and a cat mask on it. With the cyan-black-colored outfit and the brown boots and the long cat’s paw on its hand, make it looks pleasing and cool to the players.


This is the harvesting tool of the outfit. It is a pink-colored weapon with a bit of unicorn-shaped design to it.

Cat’s Paw

This is the Wrap of the outfit. It is a pink, blue, and orange colored wrap with cats paw on it as its decoration/design.


Squee is the back bling of the pack. It is a blue and pink colored back bling with the beautiful blue, orange curved handle downwards and the toy-faced structure on its appearance.

Catwalk Loading Screen

And the last feature, which is the Catwalk Loading Screen. The team had added it as an extra appeal or push to the amazing pack. As the name suggests, when players will log into a match, they will get to see the loading screen of the Alli character catwalk.

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Battle Pass

More importantly, daily Fortnite Crew members who are active will fortunately, have access to the new Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass. Plus, if players have bought the pass already and did not subscribe to the Season, don’t worry as a refund of 950 V-bucks will be given to the players.

Subscription Rewards

Furthermore, the crew members who already subscribed will get an amazing prize of 1,000 V-Bucks every month. On top off it, players will also get the March Crew Pack which consist of the Llambro outfit, back bling, pickaxe and of course the Legend Wrap at the end.

How To Get The March And April Exclusive Pack?

And these are all for the Fortnite Crew members and for their subscription. But, however, quite a few players may not have not yet subscribed. So, do not worry as you can subscribe by simply going to the game’s Crew in-game from the Item Shop/ Battle Pass and purchase the subscription for $11.99 before April.

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