Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event 2021 Kicks Off Today

fortnite cosmic summer event
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It is a special limited edition Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event theme-based event with loads of quests, rewards, and packs, etc.

Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event

This new Fornite’s Cosmic Summer Event started just recently today, on June 22nd, 2021. And will last up to July 5th, 2021 at the time zone 11:59 PM ET (Eastern Time). The event includes a blastful and explosive amount of Creative LTMs, Quest, Rewards and upcoming Outfits and Packs, and many more other items and events to entertain the players. Below is everything you need to know about the Fortnite Cosmic Summer event.

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Contents And Details of the Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event

Firstly, let us discuss the upcoming, entertaining, and creative LTMs for the event which are said to be three according to the Fortnite Team and are called – Bios Zone Wars Trio 1.0-Custom Teams, Pro 100, Freaky Flights- Air Royale, and the Pit- FFA.

Apart from that, there are also the exclusive quest rewards which include- a beach party, Brain Freeze Back Bling, Cloud Llama Board Glider, etc. Plus there is also the Believer Beach Loading Screen for the two Cosmic Summer event quests rewards and the Icy Pop Wrap for your weapons/vehicles or preferred items for completing 6 Summer Quests with the 12 one resulting in the Lil’ Treat Emote. However, this event and all these items if obtained, will last till the end of the Cosmic Summer Event.

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Fortnite Cosmic Summer Islands

And not to mention, the Summer Islands from the Creative Summer Callout will also be available in the Welcome Hub. Furthermore, the incoming Island will be also be announced at the Callout submissions, so players are requested to keep an eye out for those while enjoying the event!


In addition, new outfits and bundle packs will also be available soon such as the Midsummer Midas, Beach Brutus, Scuba Crystal, R&R, and R&D along with the Summer Drift and Unpeely outfits and packs.

Although there is a huge mothership in the atmosphere, the new summer-based theme looks pretty solid, rare, and exciting!

Fortnite never stops bringing exciting items. This time Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event with its own entity would be awesome.

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