Fortnite Creative v16.50 Update | XL Islands, and Island Fixes


Fortnite Creative v16.50 Update | XL Islands, Large Team Support, and Much More. It’s a long list and this features a lot of new and updated things. Take a look at this update.

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Epic Games and it was first launched in 2017. It is available in three modes: Battle Royale, Creative and Save the world. 100 players play together in a match and the last man standing wins it.

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Fortnite Creative v16.50 Update

XL Islands and Spatial Thermometer

The official launch of XL Island templates is here, which gives around 16x the space to build that the original Islands did. To help players to make the best use of all that space, these Islands have the new Spatial Thermometer system.


There will be total 4 new XL Island templates in this update:

  • XL Flat Grid Island – An XL flat Island of grid squares.
  • XL Archipelago Island – An XL environment focused around water and opposing Islands.
  • Mountain Ridge Island – An XL Island with mountains, lakes, and beaches.
  • Mountain Ridge Island Empty – An XL mountain ridge Island with no vegetation.

Players will automatically use the Sapital Thermometer working in these islands.

Spatial Thermometer

XL Islands handle memory budgets differently from normal-sized Islands. Much more can be placed in an XL Island, as long as any one area has about the same amount of memory use as a normal Island.

  • The Spatial Thermometer breaks an Island down into a grid of “cells.”
  • When players place a prop, its memory cost is added to all the cells around it from which it can be seen.
  • When players add a device to the map, its memory cost is added to all cells in the map, since devices always need to be loaded in memory to operate and can’t be swapped in and out like props. Otherwise, they would stop working when players get too far away from them.
  • As players add props, the memory cost of an individual cell will actually be calculated by adding the memory cost of all props that are visible from that cell, plus the cost of all devices on the Island.

Memory Use is shown in 2 ways:

  1. Memory Bar
  2. Heat Map

Memory Bar

  • If players have a prop in their Phone Tool ready to place, the Memory Bar will display the memory used for the highest memory cell within range of where the prop is being placed, showing the “worst-case scenario” that placing the prop will have on memory use nearby.
  • If they do not have a prop in hand, the Memory Bar will show the memory used for the cell with the highest memory cost on your Island.

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Heat Map

The Heat Map shows the player a color-coded representation of the cells on their Island. They can see this information in the minimap for cells nearby, or for the whole Island by opening the map screen. The colors on the cells give them an idea of the amount of memory that each cell is currently using.

  • 0% = Blue
  • 25% = Green
  • 50% = Yellow
  • 75% = Orange
  • 90% = Red with “!” in the cell
  • 100% = Red with a padlock in the cell

Island Fixes

  • Lowered the building volume for Islands so Surfboards and boats will not self-destruct as easily when going underwater.
  • Fixed an issue where creatures wouldn’t spawn or move if they were further than 60 tiles from the center of the Islands.
  • Fixed an issue where players traveling to an over-memory personal Island were disconnected from the session.
  • Fixed an issue where players with publish permissions were not able to publish private or matchmaking-enabled Islands.
  • Fixed an issue regarding FPS drops and multiple graphical glitches in the Welcome Hub on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s camera stayed zoomed out when they entered the Sneaky Snowman and then selected “Restore from Backup” from the My Island Tools menu.
  • Fixed an issue where placing specific combinations of vehicle spawner devices did not use any Island memory.
  • Fixed an issue where some vehicles had incorrect memory costs.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to enter previously deleted games from the “Favorites” tab.
  • Fixed an issue where players spawned inside Featured Islands when joining a full party.

Overall this Fortnite Creative v16.50 Update is quite impressive. This will make the game more interesting and bring new things, tactics, and strategies to the game.

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