Fortnite Crossover Marvel Gamora Skin, Gamora Cup, Star-Lord And Items

Talking about the Crossover with Marvel, Fortnite has dropped in with the Marvel Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora skin bundle with exciting items and even an amazing prized tournament.

Fortnite Crossover Marvel Gamora Skin Bundle And Cup Details

On 9th August, Fortnite has revealed the Marvel Universe Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora. Apart from the Star-Lord bundle being released with it in the Item Shop. Gamora bundle will contain bag bling, pickaxe, glide board, and of course the outfit at the end. And of course, in the end, it also includes a bonus which is the Gamora Cup. Below is the full description of all the information related to Gamora and the Cup.

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Fortnite Guardian Of The Galaxy Gamora Release Date

Starting off on 14th August 2021 at the time zone 8 PM ET, Gamora and the Star-Lord bundle both will be released as a whole in the Item Shop. So, players are suggested to keep a check on that as to not miss any content.

Fortnite Gamora Skin Bundle

The bundle has a total of 4 items as mentioned. They are the Back Bling ”Gamora’s Cloak” and the silvery ”Godslayer” Pickaxe along with the purple ”Godslayer” Glideboard at the end.

Fortnite Crossover Marvel Gamora Cup

Apart from the Fornite Gamora Skin bundle, the Fornite Gamora Cup is Kicking off on August 11th, players will now have chances to win the exclusive items such as Gamora’s Outfit And Gamora Cloak Back Bling before anyone else in the Fortnite Gamora Cup Duo-Tournament.

The Top best-performing duo will receive 3 hours to complete 10 games by earning as many points as possible. The last one to earn 8 points will obtain Daughter Of Thanos Spray.

Gamora Cup Format

Below will be the listing of points for ranked positing.

  • 1ST Place- 42 Points
  • 2nd Place- 36 Points
  • 3rd Place- 32 Points
  • 4th Place- 30 Points

And the rest rankings positions according to the downward sequence. Apart from that, players are also warned about eliminations as each of them might cost 1 point out of your accumulated points.

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Gamora Cup Rules And Others

Also, players are informed about having a level 30 or above account with Two-Factor Authentication enabled to participate in the Fortnite Gamora Cup. For more information and rules, you may also check in with the Fortnite Compete tab in-game.

Personal Preview And Opinions

And that is all regarding the Fortnite Gamora Skin Bundle, Gamora Cup, and the Star-Lord bundle that is supposed to be launched in a pair along with it. Honestly speaking, as this is a good marvel skin, there will be good competition, so it will be both tough and exciting to win the Gamora Cup.

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