Fortnite DreamHack Cash Cup Extra, Prize, Date, Format And Other Details

Fortnite DreamHack Cash Cup Extra

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Fortnite has recently launched their new trio tournament called the ”DreamHack Cash Cup” and it involves prizes, amazing theme and content.

Fortnite DreamHack Cash Cup Extra is a new trio tournament that will be hosted by DreamHack and will be held in April 15th. It will feature an amazing and different theme, mode, prizes and will only be valid to the best 132 players from previous Monday Cash Cup. Apart from that there is also the following tournament called ”DreamHack Open” with different modes, themes and of course prize.

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Fortnite DreamHack Cash Cup Extra Date And Details

Firstly, the ”DreamHack Cash Cup Extra” will be played and that too at three different dates such as- April 15th, April 21th and May 12th and it will be only be available for Europe and NA East. After that, the second tournament will be released in the same regions as mentioned before from April 16th-18th. But, however, it will be different from the first tournament though in terms of theme, mode, prize, format etc.

Prizepool Of Fortnite DreamHack Cash Cup Extra

The prizepool will be distributed evenly between 20 players and these prizes mentioned below are for per player and trios:

  • 1st Prize – Trios ( $2100), per player ($700)
  • 2nd Prize- Trios ($1800), per player ( $600)
  • 3rd Prize- Trios ($1500), per player ($500)
  • 4th Prize- Trios ($1200), per player ($400)
  • 5th Prize- Trios ($900), per player ($300)
  • 6th-10th- Trios ($750), per player ($250)
  • 11th-20th- Trios ($600), per player ($200)

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Format And Qualification Of DreamHack Cash Cup Extra

  • Only the top best players from the week of the Cash Cup can participate in the Cash Cup Extra
  • A 10 games of 3 Hour window will be available
  • Per eliminations will cost about 6 points

Personal Opinions And Preview

It will start from tomorrow, April 15th as mentioned previously and should be visible already in the players ”compete tab”. Apart from that, it is an amazing tournament as a trios and the prizepool are also quite flamboyant and reasonable. So, it is requested and noted out for players to not mistake the two tournaments ”DreamHack Cash Cup Open”, ”Dreamhack Cash Cup Extra” as to being same and definitely not miss this golden, rare chance and participate in the tournament as soon as possible and hastily.

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