Fortnite Ferrari 296 GTB And Short Nite 2, Details, Items, Release Date And Others

Much more exciting items and contents are going to be released in the Item Shop today such as the Fortnite Ferrari 296 GTB And Short Nite 2.

As we already know, due to the internet issue, Fortnite was closed off for quite an amount of time. But, however, today they are back up again with brand new content and concept such as the Fortnite Short Nite 2 And Ferrari 296 GTB. Below are the full information and description of the update in Fortnite.

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Firstly, let us discuss the Italian car, Ferrari 296 GTB which will be released today in July 22, 2021. It will include a test drive and also amazing outfits and back blings which we talk about in broad.

Ferrari 296 GTB Test Drive And Quests

And regarding the test drive, it will be included in Fortnite Epic Quest’s in which the Quests are as follows:

  • Completing the Ferrari 296 GTB TIME TRIALS
  • Achieving top highest speed in the sports car
  • Achieving a drive-through in the Storm

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As said before, the sports car will also have a separate bundle of its own which is the Road Ready Bundle. It will include the Modena icon, Maranello Racer Outfits ( both male and female style available) along with the Ferrari Turbo Back Bling. Although it will be released today, the bundles will take a bit of time to makes its way to the Item Shop as it will be available at 10 AM ET, July 22.

Short Nite 2 Animation And Details

And as for Short Nite fans, part 2 is announced to be on July 23rd, 2021 at the time zone, 2 PM ET. So, let’s not miss this as this year’s Short Nite is different, as it will continue to play non-stop until 25th July, 2 PM ET, and plus the animated online shorts will also be included in the Gildedguy series.

Short Nite 2 Time And Video Details

This year’s short will include two shorts from the Glidedguy called ”Glidedguy Gets Up!’ and will be full of comedy, rhythm, and action. Furthermore, the total time of the whole Short Nite 2 will be for 40 minutes, running repeatedly until 48 hours. And not only that, players can also watch Short Nite 2 in Picture-in-Picture which is the standard Battle Royale in the Party Royale.

Gilded-Carbed Gildedguy Outfit

And as if that was not enough for players, the team has also put together the Gildedguy bundle. It will include the Slush Fighter Cape Back Bling, Stellapen Smashpack pickaxe, and of course the outfit at the end.

Personal Opinion and Further Details

And as usual, no recordings are to be made of these events as will be abruptly deleted according to Fortnite’s rule. And in addition, players can also use subtitles to watch these shorts (it will available in the Audio Settings). So, without any delay, players will be requested to participate in the event as this year will be different, interesting, and fun.

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