Fortnite Ides Of Bunch Set Price, Items, Design And Other Details

On the arrival of the new Chapter 2 Season 6, Fortnite has just recently launched the Ides of Bunch Set in the Item Shop with the back bling and harvesting tool.

New Fortnite Ides Of Bunch Set was just announced by the team to be released on 19th March, in the arrival of the new Chapter 2 and Season 6. And it is currently available in the Item Shop with the outfit, the back bling, and the Harvesting Tool at the end.

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Price of the Fortnite Ides Of Bunch Set

The set cannot be purchased as a whole, players have to buy it separately. If players want to purchase, then it will cost 1,200 V-Bucks with the Back Bling. And 500 V-Bucks for the sword, Harvesting Tool.

Details of the Fortnite Ides Of Bunch Set

In this set, there are three items and they are all Greek soldier-based themes ( Spartan). And they are the outfit, Potassius Peels along with the back bling, Cape of Potassius, and the Harvesting Tool called Gladius of Potassius.

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Design of the Ides Of Bunch Set

Potassius Feels

This is the outfit for the Ides of Bunch Set and it is a banana dressed in the ancient Greek soldier. As in it has the huge bronze armor covering his upper body and the brown open shoes.

Cape of Potassius

This is the back bling of the Ides Bunch Set. And it is a full red-colored cape with the little golden colors on its edges and covers up to the shoulder of the outfit to the thigh of the outfit.

Gladius Of Potassius

An uncommon Harvesting Tool of the set. It is a short sword with the ash-colored blade on top of the Harvesting Tool and the golden-colored handle on either side and finally the red-colored grip of the sword, making it look pretty simple but quite impressive.

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