Fortnite Locker Bundle, Pickaxe, Back Bling And More Details

Fortnite Locker Bundle

The new Fortnite Locker Bundle is here! With the pickaxe, back bling, wrap and many more.

On 22nd June, Fortnite has revealed a new Locker bundle, inspired by the artist ”GUILD Hen”. The bundle contains the Back Bling ”True Reflection”, a ”Starry Flight” glider, a ” Slurp” wrap, pickaxe ”Web Breaker”, and the outfit at the end ”Echo” which is also available in two styles.

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Price of the Fortnite Locker Bundle

The price of the Fortnite Locker Bundle comes in altogether an amount of 2400 V-Bucks in the Item Shop. Or you can also purchase it separately with the V-Bucks of either 200 to 400 for each.

Details And Design of the Locker Bundle

Let us now evaluate and discuss the design and details of the Locker Bundle items by starting with:


Which is also the main item and outfit of the bundle. It is a silver hair-colored female equipped with a black mask and top along with the ash pants with the long white boots in addition.

Echo 2nd style

The second style of the outfit is designed in reverse as the design is topped off with the black hair color and white lab glasses with the ash top and black boots and pants in the lower part.

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True Reflection

Which is the Back Bling of the bundle. It is a sort of ash-black-colored back bling with a type of bullet design in the middle.


A blue-yellow and green colored wrap for the gears of your characters.

Web Breaker

The Harvesting tool or pickaxe of the bundle. The pickaxe design looks quite monstrous and murderous with the red sort of eye thingy in the upper ash-colored blade of it, along with the pure black in its handle and a crab design at its edge.

Starry Flight

And lastly, the glider of the locker bundle. The design is quite simplistic and handy with the golden frames and colorful pictures/art at the middle of the glider, making it look like a magic carpet.

Apart from that, there will also be an incoming swarm of outfits and bundle and much more in the account of the new Fortnite Cosmic Summer Event.

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