Fortnite Oakwitch Set, Price, Release Date, Design And Other Details

Fortnite has released the brand new Oakwitch set which is the 4 different styles of the character Isabelle.

Fortnite Oakwitch Set has just been released on 21th March by Fortnite and it has 4 different styles for Isabelle . It was first introduced and made by the Fortnite Creator Denni and then later was made available in the Item Shop. The set includes 4 different outfits, a built-in emote, Harvesting Tool and the back bling at the end.

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Price of the Fortnite Oakwitch Set

The set, however, cannot be bought separately this time. So, the Oakwitch set altogether with the outfit, built-in emote, back bling will cost exactly 1,500 V-Bucks.

Details of the Fortnite Oakwitch Set

As mentioned previously, the Oakwitch set includes 4 different styles for the character Isabelle. But, apart from that, it also has back bling with 2 different styles along with the built-in emote. Furthermore, on a separate note, players can also use the emote to change the styles for the character while amidst the battle.

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Design for the Fortnite Oakwitch Set


The first style and also the character that was previously teased in the Cube Emote. It is a female skin with a white and red-colored outfit and long stockings on her legs.

Isabelle 2

This is the second style of the Isabelle character. The design is quite similar to the first one. It is a full black outfit with open sleeves and long black-colored stockings and a sort of green-drawn design on the top of it.

Isabelle 3

The third style of the Isabelle is now completely different. This time, she has purple hair and eye color and a full red witch suit with a cape, mask along with the padded shoulders and long black boots.

Isabelle 4

Finally, the fourth style of the character. Similar to the third style, it has a cape, mask. long black boots and the padded shoulders except for her glowing light green hair and eye color along with the full black color outfit.

The Book Of Spells Vol. 3

Otherwise also known as the back bling of the outfit, has also in addition 2 different styles. The back bling of the outfit is just like the typical magic spell book in a magical movie with some sort of pink logo in it. But, the different and special part of the first style is the glowing pink flame that comes out of the top of the back bling. And the second style, quite similar to the design has the glowing green flame coming out of it.


This is the name of the unique built-in emote of the set. In this emote, the character, Isabelle, opens the book and transforms the above-mentioned styles accordingly.

Astrolomaster’s Staff

This is the Harvesting Tool of the Oakwitch set. It is a golden magic staff with a shiny black orb on top off it. And more importantly, players have to purchase this weapon separately with the set and it will cost about 800 V-Bucks.

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