Fortnite Spring Spirit Set Release Date, Price, Items And Other Details

Fortnite has released the Spring Spirit Outfit which is the last itemshop in Chapter 2 Season 5 but its worth it.

Fortnite Spring Spirit Set has been announced by the team to be now available in the item shop on Tuesday, March 16th, as one of the last item shops in the store. It is the Spring Spirit Set with the back bling, harvesting tool and of course the outfit at the end.

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Content of the Fortnite Spring Spirit Set

As mentioned previously, the Spring Spirit set will have 3 items with it. And it is the rare back bling Lush Edge, the uncommon harvesting tool and including the outfit which called Chance.

Price of the Spring Spirit Set

The Fortnite Spring Spirit Set can be purchased either individually or as a pack. If players buy it as a bundle it will cost 1200 V-Bucks including the outfit and back bling. And players purchase it individually, then it will cost 500 V-Bucks with the Harvesting Tool.

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Details and Design of the Spring Spirit Set

Spring Spirit outfit

The name of the outfit is Chance and it is a female skin with red hair, green cap and the full-green outfit that she wears, making it impressive and easing to the eye.

Lush Edge

The set also includes the rare back bling. It is a green and white coloured back bling with some sort of random shaped design in its base as a decoration. Besides, it also seems to have a headphone also in the set. The headphone is similar to the back bling, as in it is a black and white coloured headphone with a white strap on its full both green side/

Silver Strikers

And the last item in the shop which is the harvesting tool of the Spring Spirit Set. With the design having a beautiful ash coloured baseball bat on its top. And a black coloured handle in its lower part including the little golden rings that holds the handle together. Seems like the team have spared no details in making the weapon.

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