Fortnite Upcoming Skins 2021, Release Date, Price, Names, Outfit Skins, Weapon Skins And Everything

So here you can see the new Fortnite new upcoming skins that are not yet released. The outfits of the characters and some weapon skins are showcasing here.

Character Outfit Skins

Recently we got some exciting news for Fortnite lovers. A famous leaker named Shook Pa leaked this image of the upcoming skins from Fortnite. Here all new upcoming Fortnite character skins are exposing. Travis Scott looks excellent with a chain on his neck with brown pants.

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Fortnite Upcoming Skins

The Aeronaut does not have much change. Rather a few changes in the shape of the outfit. The Commando does also got a pretty nice look with pink color pants and a black dress. Talking about the Fishstick outfit, the new skin looks so gorgeous. In Fortnite, they give options to change the looks of the characters. This time also no different than that. For most of the skins here, you can change the default look of the characters.

Weapon Skins

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So four new weapon skins in Fortnite are coming according to the leak. Just look at the weapon skin on the top right corner of the picture. It glows kind of red from the dark. Another skin is black color with white and pink color stripe combination. The other two are orange. One is orange with green color and the other one is orange mixed with red and blue color skin. A pickaxe is also here. The axe is colored in silver and when you smash structures with it it could glow red.

Names Of Fortnite Upcoming skins

Not yet revealed.

Release Date

The release date is not published yet. However, as this is the very first of the year 2021, all skins could be released this year. Also, season 6 is coming in Match. SO we can hope obviously new skins and items are coming.


Not yet revealed.

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