Fortnite’s new Stark Industries Energy Rifle in details

The Stark Industries Energy Rifle is one of Fortnite’s most recent weapons. Here is how players will come across it. Fortnite’s newest season creates to honor Marvel Comic’s best heroes and villains.

The Stark Industries Energy Rifle:

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The new Stark Industries Energy Weapon has been launched in Fortnite Season 4. Also it appears strong enough to compete with the SCAR through a comparison of its stats.

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When you start a battle royale game, you can find a series of Quintets from Tony Stark that fly by the war bus. You can open up your map when you land on the ground and see where other Quintets crashes.

Recently Fortnite tweeted,

Cause if you’re going to fight Galactus, you’re going to need the best gear. Introducing the latest from Stark Labs, the Stark Industries Energy Rifle. This distinct weapon has a different benefit depending on how you aim. Go test it out on some Doom Henchmen today!

Their coordinates label with tiny white icons. Moreover, the jets will rotate from game to game, in a few different positions.


The Stark Industries Energy Weapon is currently only available on Quintet Web Pages. Obviously, it comes in variants of the Unusual, Epic, and Legendary. The Uncommon version drops from the local Stark Robot mobs, while the Incredible and Legendary versions drop from the above-mentioned Stark Industries Supply Drones.

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By making this rifle fortnite not only made a gun for their players but also it is a honor to Marvel Comics. And this is all the information we have got about the gun.

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