Funk Rift Fortnite, Price, Release Date, Different From Regular Junk Rift

funk rift fortnite

Fornite is including a new Funk Rift utility item in Fortnite. The uniqueness of the item will make the game a lot of fun and more interesting.

The Action Of The Funk Rift In Fortnite

The funk Rift will dominate the disco. It includes a boogie from the sky.

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Rarity Level

The rarity level of the Funk Rift is Legendary.

Stack Size

Stack size is 1.

The Funk Rift Details

The funk Rift is not similar to Junk Rift. Oh yes, kind of similar but not the same. The Funk Rift in Fortnite works like the regular Junk Rift. The difference is when players throw Funk Rift to the enemy, it summons a ball. It is a giant disco ball. It will be from New Years event. The area will be covered of a 9-meter radius, In other words, those who will be 9 meters from the circle will be affected.

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The characters within this range will be forced to dance. Interesting right? The effect of the Funk Rift will remain for 10 seconds. After that everything will be normal. One thing to mention, the characters will stop dance if they take any damage during the time period. Otherwise, they will stop their dance when the effect time will be over. We also discussed the Junk Rift if to make the discussion clearer.

The Junk Rift

Obviously, Fortnite Battle Royale players know about the Junk Rift. The junk rift spawns a rift that creates different objects. The objects fall on the enemy to whom they throw it. The blast creates a lot of damage and players get knock out. As well as that, the item is really powerful and effective.

Price Of The Funk Rift

Yet to be announced.

Release Date

Yet to be announced.

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