Genshin Impact Switch Release Date, 2.0 Update, Nintendo Trailer

Genshin Impact, one of the best and popular action-role-playing games ever to be released in the gaming world, but today we are talking about the Genshin Impact Switch release date.

The game Published and developed both by miHoYo, the game has still yet experienced fails or complaints from its players. Released in September 2020, firstly into the platforms: PC, Playstation 4, Mobile ( Android, iOS) and later onwards on Playstation 5, makings its success accelerate slowly, but steadily.

genshin impact nintendo switch
IMAGE CREDIT: Genshin Impact

Although, Genshin Impact Switch has been delayed a lot of times due to ” Weak Hardware” issues as reported by the team. Though recently, there have been leaks of information relating to the release of Genshin Impact in the Switch. Below are the full relevant and information of the release date and whatnot.

Genshin Impact Storyline

Also, let us take a moment to discuss the storyline of the game that served as its backbone. The plot goes like this. The protagonist and his/her sibling get transferred to this magical, adventurous world called ”Teyvat”. Then afterward getting separated, ruined, and fallen to the ground by this ”Unknown God”, your life as an adventure, fighters begins in this wondrous, action-packed dimension with colorful characters, monsters, and outfits.

genshin impact switch release date
IMAGE CREDIT: Genshin Impact

Although, the plot seems quite a bit cliche. The perfected scenarios of the sky, the green plants/trees, colorful and cheerful characters along with the amazing monsters and quests, outfits make up just for it effortlessly.

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Genshin Impact Switch New Update Details

Apart from the new Genshin Impact 2.0, which features a new journey character along with the cross-save and crossplay option. Pokemon Unite is going to be released on Switch apparently on July 21 or later onwards if some issues are faced. The new update will not only have beautiful and astonishing outfits but also monsters, trainers that can be customized. And also the rare limited-edition Pokemon Zeraora, for a certain condition, which is to log in beforehand at August 31.

Furthermore, on a separate note, the team will also release the cross-play and cross-save options in September. And these new two options will help to transfer from one account to another and also to help efficiently play.

Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch Release Date

Talking about the Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch release date, although currently there is no fixed date for the Switch version release. under-progression by the team. Until recently, a new switch model called ”Switch Pro” was released, and hopefully, after the console’s debut and release, we might get the Genshin Impact Switch Version. But, as of the moment, nothing can be said.

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Genshin Impact Switch CrossPlay Option

And if you are wondering what a cross-play option is. It is quite simple, the cross-play option is a system that will help players to transfer from one platform to another. So it does not really matter, if you are on PC or Playstation, the cross-play option will help you in terms of that to switch to another device and to play with your friends comfortably and relaxedly.

Despite the fact that the cross-save option is available on all other platforms. It cannot be said that the cross-play option will be available when the Switch version releases.

Genshin Impact Switch Cross-Save Option

Similar to the first one, the Cross-Save option is the system where players will be able to restore all of their game files and storage from one platform to another regardless of the device and situation they might be in.

And now the interesting part is not only that, unlike the first system. The cross-Save option is also available in the game once the Nintendo version is out, according to a reliable source ”Genshin Report”.

Nintendo Membership And Switch Trailer Explanation

As you can observe from the trailer below. The trailer was first released in Jan 2020, on Genshin Impact Official Youtube Channel. It portrays the Wangshu Inn part of Liyue and is a short trailer. But the interesting part about is, if you observe properly, we can see that the final card is the Nintendo Switch Logo. Possibly indicating to the part, that players might need a Nintendo Membership to play the Genshin Impact on the Switch.

Genshin Impact 2.0 Update Details And Others

Additionally, there is also the new 2.0 update called ”The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia” that was just released recently. The update contains:

  • Three new characters, ”Kamisato Ayaka”.”Yoimiya” and finally Sayu
  • a new area called ”Inazuma”
  • a new event called ”Thunder Sojourn”
  • new story and exciting quests
  • new two weapons called ”Thundering Pulse”( 5 star Bow) ”Mitsplitter Reforged”( a five-star sword)
  • two opponents added in the game ”Pyro Hypostasis” along with ”Perpetual Mechanical Array”
  • the new update also has the ”Cross-Save” Option
  • new gadgets
  • new artifacts
  • fixed animation style of Amber And Xiangling.

Apart from that, there are also the new monsters, quests, domains, sacred sakura. And bug fixes/ glitches, expeditions, that added to the game with brand new voice lines and sectors. And not to mention, the rewards and upcoming outfits that will be added in the game.

Tears Of Themis Details

Apart from that, there is also the new thrilling action-detective and love-romance game called ”Tears Of Themis”. Apart from being Mihoyo’s first-ever romance game. Tears of Themis is set to be released on July 29th, 2021 in both iOS and Android. Solving crime scenes together while building up a romantic relationship, the game will definitely give action-packed stimulation.

And that is all for the new update and about the Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, regarding the switch release date, players are advised to not worry. Surely, the team will release the next Switch version either this month or in the next month August. However, it might be a bit uncertain about the Crossplay option and other features and options that they might not include in the game.

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