Graffiti Prank Mode In PUBG Moblie | April full of Pranks, Tricks, and fun for all players

Graffiti Prank Mode In PUBG Moblie will be available from 31 March but it won’t stay for only for few days. Tencent is planned to prank and trick for at least 2 weeks. Players will love this as this is a new mode and it has some cool stuff.

Graffiti Prank Mode

PUBG Mobile introduced the Graffiti Prank mode to us which will be rolling out in the game on March 31. But it was not revealed in the 1.3 patch note of PUBGM. Clown’s Trick Play was also a part of this patch update and it was about to launch in the game on the same date. So The devs changed their mood and decided to change the name and reveal the new “Graffiti Prank Mode.”

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In the patch notes, we can see that, Clowns will be arriving on the Anniversary Celebration Square in Erangel in this mode.

These clowns will be doing graffiti in the celebration square. A Clown Shop Vehicle will also be available in Erangel. Players can collect clown tokens and they can exchange them for in-game supplies and some cool “Special Strategic Items” from the clown shop. And this can be the match-winning as it contains the information of the next play zone, airdrop, and the density of enemies in the entire map.

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