GTA V Long Loading issue is being fixed by A Modder but it’s risky

GTA V Long Loading issue is being fixed by A Modder but it’s risky. Modder Tostercx Created a mod that solves this problem. However modding is prohibited in GTA V online and it could ban you for using a mod.

GTA V Long Loading issue

Almost every player faces GTA V long loading issue. Because the loading process for the game runs a new check each and everytime when it finds a entry in the 10MB JSON file. It takes almost 2 billion checks. Thats why it takes so much time to load the online version.

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Problem Fixed

A Modder came up with a solution to decrease the loading time upto 70%. This mod optimizes the loading time but it is very risky because modding is prohibited on GTA V Online. But rockstar games can solve this problem if they can implant this mod version to the original one. Because this problem is really annoying for some players and it needs to be fixed. If Rockstar Games can do this it will be great for the regular players of the game.

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GTA V is the most famous and popular game of Rockstar Games for several years. But players around the world face this loading problem everyday. So if they can solve this problem by implanting Tostercx mod then they should implant this mod. It will save a huge amount of time for the players to get into the online version of the game.

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