GWB Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Tournament, Prizepool, Release Date And Others

GWB Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. Tournament
IMAGE CREDIT: Gamers Without Borders

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting a tournament hosted by GWB ( Games With Borders) in which both the competition and prizepool is insane!

GWB Tournament or also known as GWB- MW Tournament 2 is the biggest Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Tournament held by Games With Border. With a prizepool of $4,200 USD, the tournament has its own charm and competition

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Firstly, starting with a prizepool of $ 4,200 USD, the prize are as follows:

  • 1st place- $ 1500 with each players receiving $250
  • 2nd place- $ 1200 with 200$ for individual players
  • 3rd place- 900$ with 150$ for individual players
  • 4th place- 600$ with 100$ for individual players


The rules are simple and are as follows:

  • Check- through of the email or mobile number in the profile to esure no foul play is happening
  • The prizes will be given to the idividual players according to the team captain
  • Awarding Prizes will be given upto a time limit of 14 days
  • Prizes will be distributed through electronic coupons to the individual players

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And as for the matches, they are listed off as floor. In total, there are 8 floors or matches in which the dates are fixed off as:

1) Floor 1- July 26th, Monday in 8 PM

2) Floor 2- Same date except will initiate at 11 PM

3) Floor 3- July 27th, Tuesday at 11 PM

4) Floor 4- July 28th, Wednesday at 11 PM

5) Floor 5- July 29th, Thursday at 11 PM

6) Floor 6- July 30th, Friday at 11 PM

7) Floor 7- July 31th, Saturday at 11 PM ( Finals)

8) Floor 8- August 1st, Sunday (coronation)

Apart from that, there are also much more rules and regulations that have to be followed. So, for more details, players are requested to visit the tournament’s source for registration and other stuff.

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