How To Earn Free PUBG Limited Edition Rewards, Costumes, Emojies, Lucky Points, Prizes And Participation

The PUBG Free Limited Edition Rewards include how to get costumes, emojis, lucky points, and others

PUBG has recently in order to celebrate the 2021 Lunar New Year has released an event where players can obtain free exclusive limited-edition rewards from 10th-23th February (UTC). And here’s on how to:

Limited Edition Rewards

You can earn limited-edition rewards by simply Achieving the login and gameplay goals before the event ends. As it is a limited edition reward you can’t be late!

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How To Earn Points & Prizes

In different platforms, to obtain the prize and points on different platforms, you will have to:

  • If you are a PC player, click the banner for the in-game Lunar New Year.
  • For Steam and console players, log into your PUBG account (top navigation).
  • Or Steam and Console players can also create a new account to get started.

How To Earn Lucky Points

To earn lucky points, players will have to complete daily tasks to accumulate lucky points. Besides, players can also get more lucky points if the daily mission is refreshed. So, check according to ur UTC time and don’t miss it!

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Details Of Limited Edition Redeem Rewards

Furthermore, players can also check their new items under the in-game in the Custom menu. In this way, players can check the rewards they received in addition to the items they unlocked on the event page.

How To Participate

To earn lucky points (LP) per day, you have to complete the following task and they are:

  • Logging into Game Lobby.
  • Logging in during Lunar New Year and the following weekend upton23th Feb.
  • Playing duo or Squad match for 5 minutes (Normal or Ranked).

Lucky points Bonus

Additionally, if you want to obtain one time lucky bonus. Then create a PUBG account and it to your desired platform such as Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia.

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