How to Play Among Us- EASIEST EXPLANATION- Beginners

how to play among us

Among Us is one of the most trending games in recent times. However, for beginners, it seems difficult to understand at first. Today you will know how to play Among Us in the easiest way. We are going to explain it very simply.

Okay, after finding a match, you will be in a room where the highest 10 people can gather. It means 10 players can play this game at a time. There can be two situations that can happen to any player. Either he is on the allied side which means he is normal. Or he is on the enemy side. Enemy side means Imposter.

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When the game will start, if you are on the allied side, the game will tell you there are some imposters among you. The game will provide you some tasks to complete. So you have to do the work. See the map. In there, a yellow symbol is shown to know where your tasks located is.

So, as an allied side, what is your actual work to do?

You have to find out who are imposters that is the main task of the game. Obviously, you have to do other tasks as well to run our office smoothly. To keep the oxygen level high, to keep electricity uncut, and to run every activity smoothly, all the members need to do their given tasks.

What you should avoid?

Imposters have the ability to kill you by sabotaging. They can kill anyone who is not imposters (There can be multiple imposters in one singe match-Highest three imposters lowest one imposter). As none of the crew members do know who is an imposter (except the imposters themselves), you should avoid getting in touch with everyone. Avoid your members coming in front of you. If you can suspect someone is coming behind you, then should run. Because he might be an imposter..

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On the map, you can see your office. If you suspect someone or see a member is killing someone, or someone is using Vent, then you can go to the office and call an emergency meeting. There tell every one who do you think is an imposter.

Vent: Vent is a hole, only imposters can use it. They can move one place to another very fast in shortcut process by using a vent.

If you see a dead body, you can also report the body. It will take you to the emergency meeting to discuss with everyone who might be the imposter.

Remember, imposters also have fake tasks and they can also report a body and call an emergency meeting to confuse everyone.

What happens in the emergency meeting?

In an emergency meeting, you can chat with everyone to find who the imposters among you are. However dead members cannot chat with alive members in the meeting. Imposters are also in the emergency meeting. They will manipulate everyone by telling that someone else is an imposter and he is innocent. So if you did not see who is killing your members, then you actually don’t know who the real imposter is. Then it comes to the voting section.

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Voting Section

After discussing, all members can vote. The vote is to find who the imposter is. As a crew member of the team, you can also vote. You can also not vote for anyone if you do not suspect any. Who gets the highest vote, will be eliminated from the game whether he is an imposter or not.

If you with your members can eliminate all the imposter, then the game is over and you have won the game.

How to play if you are an ‘IMPOSTER’?

After starting the match, the game will tell you that you are an imposter. It will also let you know who the other imposters with you are. You need to kill everyone to win the game. So, play cunning, know the information given above and win as an imposter!

If you and your team kill all the crew members, then you are at the winning side and the game is over.

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