Is Valorant Operator Overpowered for the Game? What is the truth?

Recently some players complained that Operator is really overpowered in the game. Valorant heard their complains and responded.

Firstly, Valorant Officials does not think that the Operator is overpowered in the game. Therefore, they do believe that the feeling sometimes comes from a lack for some agents that don’t have the ability to break line of sight for themselves.

Operators are powerful, but they can also be countered with a good coordination with the team. Valorant officials tested a game by nerfing the Operator and the result was not so good because it was really easy to counter it.

So, Valorant officials announced that, they were not going to Nerf The Operator now. Because it does not need to be nerfed right now.

The Operator-like all weapons, maps, Agents, etc.—are a part of our continuous holistic review of the state of the game, furthermore, they’ll make changes in the future if they feel they are needed. No changes now doesn’t mean no changes ever.

Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith, Game designer

Snipers are always one of the most popular weapon in FPS (first person Shooting) games. Firstly A skilled player always holds angles and knows where to peak with it. Players hold angles because It takes only one shot to kill an enemy. Players can kill an enemy with only one shot. But not every time. If the bullet hits on leg or hands it will take more than one shot. So Players using an op should target head or body part to kill the enemy with one shot.

Many pro Players also suggested to add some scope in sounds for it, Like CSGO AWP.

Valorant Officials told “We are not going to nerf the operator, that doesn’t mean ever”. Operators should be powerful in Fps (First Person Shooting) games. In conclusion it can be said that Valorant operator is not overpowered.

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