Junker Queen Hero ‘The Queen’ Leaked Character From Overwatch 2, Art, Design, Release Date And All

A new character from Overwatch 2 has been leaked. The character is Junker Queen Hero ‘The Queen’.

Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatch reveals that there is a high possibility of a new character. Blizzard Entertainment could add a character who is Junker queen hero ‘The Queen’ to the game. The team did not fix it yet. It could be either be a Tank or a DPS hero. And the team might add the character in Overwatch 2.

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The Queen’s Design And Concept

The model first introduced with some concepts in the Blizzard that displayed for the Queen character.

And regarding the character, it is obviously a female character which could either be a Tank or DPS hero. Although players would love it if the character was a Tank Hero. However, returning to the design, it is a blue spiked hair. Also, the character has a red -dragged color design on her eyes.

And blue colored pads on her shoulders and a red-black outfit which gives it the delinquent and unique vibe to it. Furthermore, she also has a dual- weapon that looks like a long sharp axe except with daggers and design on it.

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Junker Queen Hero ‘The Queen’

Currently, this is an estimated character that could make a possible entry. The leak showed this character quite often in the Lore. They have also experimented a bit with making her into a character, but we have no proof or anything that leaks to her actually making it into the game.

The players would love the appearance and the new character overall and want it to be in the game. So let us see what Blizzard Entertainment does with this new character.

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