LazarBeam Skin Fortnite And The Lazar and Fresh’s Super Comeback Duo- Tournament

Fortnite has revealed their new LazarBeam Skin Fortnite Bundle and the new duo tournament called ”Lazar and Fresh’s Super Comeback” which comes with an exciting prize. The outfit is really super awesome.

Fortnite has revealed their LazarBeam skin which is inspired by a Fortnite content creator called ”Lazar”. It will be available on Thursday in 4th March 2021 at 7 PM ET. And it includes the Lunch Break Emote, Ol’ Mate Sledgy Pickaxe, and the Baby Gingy Back Bling with the last item, LazarBeam outfit.

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Design of the LazarBeam Skin Fortnite

LazarBeam Skin Fortnite Details

There are two versions of this outfit. In which one is the green-colored shirt with Brown pants, hand gloves, and a two-bag belt attached to it. And the one is the same exact design except this version has a brown open-sleeved shirt.

Ol’ Mate Sledgy Pickaxe

And similar to the LazarBeam outfit, the pickaxe also comes in two styles. The first version of it is a hammer pickaxe with a red rope attached to its body.

Lunch Break Emote

Just as the name suggests, it is a emote where the character sits down and enjoys his meal/lunch break.

Baby Gingy Back Bling

It is brown-colored back bling with its design similar to that of the Disney cookie character called ”Gingerbread” in ”Shrek”.

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Price of the LazarBeam Skin Fortnite Bundle

The Lazarbeam Skin Fortnite Bundle will cost about 1800 V-Bucks. But, however, it can also be bought individually.

Lazar And Fresh’s Super Knockback

This one is a duo-tournament as mentioned previously which will take place on 3rd March 2021. And will also be fought using Flint-Knock Pistol. Furthermore, the winner of this tournament will also get the LazarBeam bundle faster than anyone.

Further details of the Duo-Tournament

Apart from the Flint-knock Pistol. Players can also use several knockback weapons during their fight along with Lazar’s Flight Knock which players can get at the Supply Drops. Besides, players can also use Emote to heal.

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For participation in the tournament, players will need to have a mandatory 2 FA enabled on their account. Besides, on a separate note, the timing for the player’s respective region will also be given in the Compete Tab-In game. Along with 10 matches at the maximum amount of matches that the players will play on the individual region.

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