Llambro Skin Fortnite Pack Including Llegend Set Are Arriving On 1st March And March Crew Pack

New Fortnite Llambro Skin is arriving soon. Unicorn inspires the skin with a pretty nice look and a bit different. The skin is exclusive for the Crew Members of Fortnite.

Yes, the Llambro skin is in Fortnite is kind of puppet type. The Unicorn is cyan in color and the outfit is a winter jacket and vest with black pants. The skin has black gloves too. However, the vest is multicolored. It is a mixture of red, pink purple, blue and cyan color. Also, his pickaxe is really beautiful and is the same color as his jacket.

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Release Date Of Llambro Skin Fortnite

The release date of Fortnite Llambro skin is march 1, 2021.

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The March Crew Pack

March crew pack includes Llambro skin and Up North Back Bling along with Puffcorn Pick Pickaxe and Llegend Wrap.

Extended Benefits Of Fortnite Crew

  • The subscribers of Fortnite Crew will always have the access to the battle pass of the current season.
  • They will get the battle pass of the new season straight away.
  • Also, the new season’s battle pass will charge no extra cost.
  • The subscribers will get 1000 V-Bucks when they on the day of the monthly billing date.

So these are the details of the March crew pack. But what about the February Crew Pack if anyone wants to get it? Yes, the game keeps that opportunity as well. To get February Crew Pack, players need to subscribe before 28th February. The exam time is before 7 PM ET or 4 PM PT on 28th February. By doing so players will get both March and February Crew Pack.

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