Locker Skin Fortnite Bundle Price, Release Date, Design And Details

Fortnite has revealed their new Locker Skin Fortnite bundle which was released on 2nd March and is in the Item Shop.

Fortnite has unveiled their new skin bundle called the “Locker Bundle”. It was first inspired by a Fortnite game creator called “Fresh”. And the skin is also available with other items such as- weapon skin, pickaxe, emote, and others.

Locker Bundle

The Locker Bundle consists of a total of 5 items. And they are as follows- a bag called the “Reaction Tank”, a pickaxe skin called the “Fresh Cut”. a weapon skin called the “Bubbly”. an emote called “Pumpernickel”, and lastly the outfit which is called “Instinct”.

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Price Of The Locker Skin Fortnite Bundle

In the Item Shop, the price will be 2,700 V-bucks as a bundle. But, however, players can also purchase it individually. Such as the Instinct outfit and the Reaction Tank which will cost 1200 V-bucks. And the remaining three items as 500 V-bucks each in the Item Shop.

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Design Of The Locker Skin Fortnite Bundle


Let’s talk firstly about the outfit. It is a beautiful green-colored outfit with a wireless headphone and a vest and other attachments such as the hand gloves added to it. Making and giving it a special officer vibe who is trying to execute her mission.

Reaction Tank

It is a bag attached to the outfit. It is a green-black colored bag with a circular camera or something in the middle. And the two bottles on its either two side.

Fresh Cut

It is just your normal average pickaxe skin. Except it is properly designed and binded with the light green colored ropes attached to its weapon.


This one is called “Bubbly” which is the weapon skin. It is a green-colored (or like Jelly color) weapon skin. Available in not only quite a few weapon skins but also in the vehicle skin (the speedboat).


PumperNickel, is a emote where the character dances putting her fist towards while afterward raising her hands up and then clapping.

Besides the Locker Skin Fortnite bundle, there is also the “Say So” Emote available in the Item Shop and it will cost about 500 V-bucks in addition.

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