LOL Placement Matches Are Losing Attraction From Genuine Players Due To Worst Experience

League Of Legends is one of the topmost games from Riot Games. But currently, players get discouraged to play LOL Placement matches to get a better rank.

The gamers who play LOL placement matches are aware of the gaming bot issue. The bot players don’t even need to play accurately. Obviously, when they bot, they get a higher chance to win. Now what happens is to get placement in League Of Legends, players need to play ranked games. But on every match, players face many botted accounts and they take the advantage of it.

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Riot’s Steps On LOL Placement Matches

And this is not like Riot is not aware of the issue. Riot talks about the problem that the accounts that will use a bot or cheat code, get a harsh penalty and ban from the account. But looks like this is on paper but not have the implementation in real life.

Removing XP Idea To Solve The Issue

As Riot’s steps regarding the bot issue on LOL placement matches are not sufficient, some payers suggest ideas that what would be better to minimize the problem. They talk about removing XP. So removing Experience Points from AI games might be useful. This is because when players bot in normal games, they will get caught easily. Furthermore, the botters will know that botting the game will not be effective anymore.

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Many players now piss off with what is happening with LOL placement matches. It is high time Riot really paid attention. In addition to this, the devs should take the necessary steps for what wrong is happening.

The Chat Ban System

Now as devs added the chat ban system, you cannot use curse words or any harsh words to other people. The system detects it and it will ban your account if they find you several pieces of evidence regarding it. It is a pretty good system obviously to make the chat environment better but some players really play toxic gameplay. And now you cannot say sour words to them as you will get banned. On the other side, those who are actually cheating by botting the whole game system, are getting out with no penalties.

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