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A long-awaited “Long-Standing Request” is coming in season 9 for badges confirmed by Apex Legends Dev but it’s not fully revealed yet.

Apex Legends is a first-person online shooter game. It is developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by the well-known Electronic Arts. It’s like any other battle royale game. You will be playing in a 3 man squad and land on an island, find weapons and stuffs to eliminate all other teams to win.

Apex Legends has gone through a lot of updates these days. There are many major and minor updates to reduce the bugs and give the best experience to the players. Major updates are new guns, maps, characters, abilities, and gun tweaks.

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Long-Standing Request

Season 9 of Apex Legends is rolling and this will bring lots of big and small changes. Like “Fuse” a new legend will be added in this season. Bringing badges in-game is a gamer’s opinion. After the “Chaos theory Event” event, lots of apex players wandered for the badge update. Gamers want these small changes besides the big changes in-game.

“This feature is not the only love that I gave the badge system,” said Respawn dev RobotHavGunz. He answered, “It’s a long-standing request. But it’s not coming until Season 9.”

The dev didn’t give much information on the badges. Only 3 badges are shown till now.
However, they said they would add more badges on the go. The dev didn’t leave any more insight into what the change will be. They are showing some suspense for the latest Season 9.

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