Lunar Beasts skin 2021 Arriving For Fiora, Jarvan IV, And Alistar: Release date

New Lunar Beasts skin is coming in February 2021. League of Legends team will celebrate their new year with Lunar Beasts brand new theme this February.

In this Lunar Beasts thematic, League of Legends setting the year in 2057. They call it is the year of the Ox. The devs will mix up futuristic city design with ancient temples. In other words, you can see ultra-modern cityscapes with the temples collide that are from ancient times. Here you can see the first look of Lunar Beasts skin for Fiora, Jarvan IV, And Alistar. In other words, they all are part of the Lunar Beasts Squad.

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Lunar Beasts skin


Talking about Lunar, she looks absolutely stunning with this dress up. She has flaming horns like an ox rising from the two sides of her head. Her tops that she is wearing is all red with black pants. Also, she has a flaming sword in her right hand. You can see that she is posing keeping the sword behind her shoulder which looks so beautiful.

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Jarvan looks like a combat player with his style. He has also ox hair like it is flaming. Obviously, the Lunar Beasts theme is based on the priority of ox, so this has to be. As long as the theme remains, the characters will be like this. Jarvan’s dress is also a red and black combination. Furthermore, he has a large spear in his left hand which gives him a bolder look.


Alistar is so cool that he is looking like a monster, A monster who already has horns. The design of the character is absolutely astonishing. In the picture, you can see how striking he is looking.

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