March 8 Patch Notes In Black Ops Cold War Released And New Bundles Design And Price

March 8 Patch Notes In Black Ops Cold War has been Released. This is about the New Store Bundles which contains Montezum’s curse, a tool of war, and the tracker pack.

On Tuesday, 9th March, the team has released a new bundle which will arrive in sequence order starting from March 11th with the Tool of War. And then on March 14th, with the Mastercraft bundle and Tracer Pack. And also March 8th patch notes for Black Ops Cold War.

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Details of the Bundle

The bundle was just yet announced so there is not still enough information regarding it other than the Mastercraft bundle (Montezuma’s Curse).

Design and Details of the Bundle- March 8 Patch Notes In Black Ops Cold War

There are in total 3 items in the new store bundles. And they are:

Tool of War

Again, yet no detailed information is given about it in March 8 patch notes in Black Ops Cold War except that it might be a skin or a weapon or something and that it will arrive on Thursday in March 11th, 2021.

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Montezuma’s Curse

Montezuma’s Curse is also known as the Mastercraft bundle. It is a perfectly executed brown and green colored submachine gun, Echo. It has a total of 30 mags and 50 rounds of the mag and is also called by the name ”Mayan Malediction”.

Tracer Pack

This is Patrick day themed and will come on Tuesday in March 16th.

March 8 Patch Notes In Black Ops Cold War

And now in terms of the patch notes, there are currently 3 main changes which are the Multiplayer, League play, and the Zombies changes. And they are as follows:


In the multiplayer playlist change, the team has added the HC Rapid Fire Moshpit to quick play.


And also the Season Challenges where kills will be now tracked according to the weapon that the player picks up. Rather from the weapons from players that have been picked up.

Daily Challenge

Fixed the issue where the daily challenge ” Helping Hand” now properly tracks down the Spy Plane Assist Score.

League Play

  • Fixed the issue where if the player is put in a ”Broken” Ladder, the player will be attached to a functional Ladder after playing another match.
  • Fixed the issue where other names on the ladder are blanked out.

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And finally, the zombies change where the team made the change to the stability and fixed other issues that were disrupting the gameplay. And they are as follows:

  • Fixed several stability issues on Objectives in the Outbreak.
  • Fixed the issue where the player could not complete an objective if the player carries a canister while leaving the co-op match in progress.
march 8 patch notes in black ops
Image Credit: Activision
  • Fixed the issue players would have a graphics disruption when using the upgraded Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade.
  • And lastly, fixed the issue where players could not listen to the Radio Transmissions in “Firebase Z”.
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