Maxis Skin Black Ops Cold War, New Operator Bundle Price, Release Date And Others

The new Maxis Skin Black Ops Operator Bundle which the team announced to be released on Friday on March 5th, 2021.

On Friday, March 5th, the team has officially released their “Maxis Operator” bundle which is now available in the game and also in Warzone “In-Game” Store. This bundle includes the new Maxis skin, Gun skin, sticker, emblem, and others.

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Maxis Skin Black Ops Operator Bundle

The Maxis Skin Black Ops Cold War Operator Bundle consists of six items. They are the Maxis skin or otherwise also known as “Dark Aether”, Z 74U skin, Neutralizer ( Shotgun Bravo) skin, Maim and Tame, Ominous Glow, Death Rider Zombie Bunny, and a sticker at the end.

Price of the Maxis Operator Bundle

The price of the Maxis Operator Bundle is about 2400 CP. And, besides it also has a blueprint that evolves around the number of kills the players get.

Design of the Operator Bundle

However, there is not much information regarding the other items. Except for the Maxis Skin, Z-74U gun skin, and the Neutralizer skin. And they are as follows:

1. Maxis Skin

Also known by the name of “Dark Aether” is a black-brown colored Military uniform with the classic light brown scarf and Goggle along with it.

2. Z-74U Skin

Or also known as ” Submarine Gun Charlie” is a beautiful black, green colored gun skin.

3. Neutralizer

The skin is also called by ” Shotgun Bravo” is a black and yellow colored skin.

The Operator Bundle is all great and all. But it is a bit expensive making it difficult for players to use the Bundle and try it out. Otherwise, it is a good and beautiful bundle with lots of worthful items.

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