MetaHuman Creator Of Epic Games Helps To Make 3D Characters?

It features the MetaHuman Creator Tools uses, disadvantages and advantages.

MetaHuman Creator, a tool released by Epic Games was announced just recently on 11th February. Its features will help developers create super realistic 3D characters more efficiently and quickly than normal.

MetaHuman Creator In Details

As we know, MetaHuman Creator is a tool. For the purpose that it will help developers a lot. Developers who spent days, efforts, and equipment just making one single character.

But with this tool, the devs can now easily create the characters and shape them up. According to their desired hairstyles, body types, and face. And then so on by later animating or enabling motion onto them through different types of programs like Apple’s Arkit.

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Uses of Metahuman Creator

Apart from that, it can also be for non-gaming projects too. So, it will help a lot for Content Creator. Or for people who like to create a good realistic 3D character animated video

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Besides, the character that is created is realism rather than the semi-photoreal style. Such as ”The Last Of Us 2′. Moreoever, the team is also aiming to offer better stylization in the future. So, that users can use it to make a good stylized fighting anime game. Or something by changing the texture, shade, hair, or anything to their preferable taste.

Disadvantages of The Creator Tool

Surely, it will help developers and companies immensely. But due to it, there will be less demanded workforce which will lead to unemployment for some people.

The new tool is also claimed to release two sample characters that can be modified to users’ desire or be used in projects in the Early Access which will soon be available.

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