Neon Lord And Neon Lady, PUBG MOBILE Skin, Release Date, Price And Other Details

PUBG MOBILE has revealed its brand new skin after the live event that they previously held. The skin is both male and female skin and is available in the Shop.

Neon Lord and Neon Lady’s new PUBG MOBILE skin has been revealed by the team on Monday, 22nd March after the live event. It is both male and female skin and it also includes new parachute skin, vehicle skin, grenade skin, and many more other items skins.

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Price of the Neon Lord And Neon Lady

The price of the Neon Lord And Neon Lady set will come in a minimum of 120 UC if players are lucky enough to get the set by opening once in the shop. Otherwise, players have to purchase it through the 10 more times option in the shop which will cost 1080 UC each time. Furthermore, players can also use the 30 UC Voucher. But, as said previously, it all depends on luck.

Details of the Neon Lord And Neon Lady

The set is available from 3rd March to 4th March, a limited edition set. And it includes the 7 items in the set excluding the male and female outfit, a parachute, three helmets, weapon skin, vehicle skin, sticker skin, bag skin, and the grenade skin at the end.

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Neon Lord And Neon Lady Design

Neon Lord

It is full ash, neon-purple, pink-colored male skin. Along with the huge padded shoulders and design, it certainly looks epic and uncommon.

Neon Lady

It is ash, neon-purple, and bright green-colored female skin. The unique design and small changes they have done to the skin make it more beautiful and magnificent.


It is green, red, yellow, and quite a few colors that are mixed in together properly and the angry face logo added to it in the middle of the parachute

Helmet 1

This is the helmet for the Neon Lord set. It is a full ash-colored metal helmet with the pink, dark blue, and light green colored spike that is added to the helmet

Helmet 2

This one is the helmet for the Neon Lady set. It is completely different from the first one. In fact, this is much more beautiful with the green, red, and yellow wig added to the backward of the helmet. It also has an amazing and beautiful full eye pad in the middle and a little spike sort of thing on its head.

Helmet 3

This is a full black colored helmet with some sort of light green and red-colored design on it.

Weapon Skin-

The set also includes the weapon skin for the weapon, M416. It is ash, purple, and orange-colored weapon skin with the little orange sort of blocks on both sides of the weapon and also on behind the magazine.

Vehicle Skin

This is a vehicle skin for the two-tire bike. It is a full light green colored and white with a huge white cover in front of the bike and a little sort of stickers or something inscribed on the middle of the bike, making it look quite simple yet attractive.


This is a sticker that is added to the bag. It is a green and yellow colored sticker and its design is made similar to the DVD disc you would see.

Bag skin

This is a full neon-green and blue colored bag with a cat face logo or design with the tongue added to it.

Grenade skin

The last item of the set is the grenade. It is a green and red colored grenade skin, with the X drawn with it and a recycle logo added to it at the end, which is not that bad looking actually.

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