New Apex Legends Event Thrillseekers Release Date, Skins, Rewards, and More

The Apex Legends Event Thrillseekers has already made a huge crowd in the era of the battle royale games. Here you will get to know about the upcoming event, release date, skins, new Arenas, map, & more.

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Apex Legends Event Thrillseekers – Release Date

The Apex Legends Event Thrillseekers is an Arenas-based event. It will start right after the Genesis event on13th July in 2021. And will end on 3rd August 2021. During the Apex Legends Event Thrillseekers, the players will be able to participate in the event and receive a new variety of cosmetics, rewards, and the option to purchase.

The developers already gifted the players by giving the Genesis Collection Event. It has brought the original version of both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge and they are enjoying it. But they do not want to stop here.

Skins, Cosmetics and Rewards

As always this new event, the Apex Legends Event Thrillseekers will also host a new reward tracker which will help them to gain new items for free by completing challenges and playing the game. There will be 3 weekly reward trackers over the event period. Here are some of them;

  • On the 1st week, rewards: Rampart Wastelander Set, which includes a matching gun charm, weapon skin, and a Legendary Rampart skin, alongside Battle Pass boosters, crafting metals, and Apex packs
  • On the 2nd week, rewards: Battle Pass boosters, crafting metals, and Apex packs. 
  • On the 3rd week, rewards: the Lethal Enforcer Bangalore Skin, Battle Pass boosters, crafting metals, and Apex packs.

Also, you will be able to earn some unique badges which are tied to a specific weak in the Apex Legends Event Thrillseekers.

  • On the 1st week, Badge: Play 20 Arena games
  • On the 2nd week, Badge: Get 100 Knockdowns in Arenas
  • On the 3rd week, Badge: Deal 12,000 damage in Arenas

Apex legends Thrillseekers event’s most exciting part is new skins and cosmetics. You will find some of the new skins such as Ring Leader, Seeing Red, Down Right Fierce, Chuckles the Barrelman, and many more. 

This event will bring back some of the fan-favorites cosmetics such as Voidwalker and Youngblood.

New Map- Overflow

Apex legends Thrillseekers event will also come with a new Arenas map which is called ‘Overflow’.  

From season 9 Arenas has already featured various maps. And soon we will be getting a third Arenas amazing map in Overflow. Players are already excited about it.

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