New Exciting Items are Coming to Wild Rift Patch 2.4

Riot Games already revealed almost everything about the upcoming Wild Rift patch 2.4. You will get to know about everything which will be added to the game by reading this blog.

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All the upcoming New Items – Wild Rift Patch 2.4

Wild Rift patch 2.4 is coming on 28th July 2021 and they have already given an overview of the upcoming updates by their latest dev diary, which will bring a number of additions, balance adjustments, and also new champions, items, ranked changes.

According to Riot’s announcement, there will be 3 new items in the Wild Rift 2.4 update. Here is all the information you will need about the new upcoming items.

Crystalline Reflector

A top-tier AP and Armor is coming, which is called Crystalline Reflector. It will allow the user to mirror shards which will reduce incoming physical damage and reflect that back to the enemies.

Solari Charge Blade

It is a new item for the champs. Also it will focus on their builds when the critical strikes occur. It has the ability to allow a stack of radiance which gives a temporary bonus for the critical rate. For this Radiance buff, you will be able to get up to a 50% critical rate from this item which is one way to get there quickly.

Essence Reaver

The time has come, Essence Reaver is on its way into Wild Rift to fill the same niche of its PC version. It has 2 passives. The first one will work to restore mana through your attacks and the other one will add extra damage to your abilities based on your critical rate. After combining with their right hero, the players will be able to weave together continuously critical strike attacks and high damaging abilities.

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