New Kings Canyon Map Update Season 8 Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 8 brings you the new Kings Canyon map and the Mirage Voyage’s return.

Apart from the team Apex Legends allowing players to use guns in the Fight Night event. And fixing several errors. The team also released the new Kings Canyon Map and the Mirage Voyage’s return.

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The new King’s Canyon map is getting a rework. So the name of the map zones is also displayed. They are the Spotted Lake, uncovered bones, Cage Crossing, and other sites. Out of them all, the popular ones are the crash site and the crashed ship.


Besides, there’s also the return of the Mirage Voyage. There is also a piece of information that Mirage Voyage is currently positioned under the Kings Canyon over Skull town. Which turns out to be the ship that crashed. But Mirage, however, views this as his party boat. This is also quite fascinating as we also have another ship that crashes.

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Furthermore, a new phone easter egg is also added with the Mirage Voyage.

Moreover, players will also not get the full brand new revamped Kings Canyon map. And also in the Voyage, this may be crashed or not but this is something that will play throughout in the trailer of the map.

Regarding the rotation in the map, the developers say that they will do it more than three. But personally speaking, I would want it to be on the Olympus and then this new update of the Kings Canyon end it off.

But, though, the best thing about the Mirage Voyage is that it will intensify the battle fight. Along with, adding more drops and creating fewer third parties.

But this is the only spot you can expect staging and countdown to add to the new Kings Canyon map.

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