New Land, Sea and Air Pack in Black Ops Cold War- Awesome!

Black Ops Cold War Ultimate Edition includes the Land, Sea and Air pack together with contains nine item bundle.

Call of Duty is a series game enjoyed by many players. The game had made players entertained, thrilled and addicted. However, recently Activision, the publisher of the Call of Duty series has announced. A declaration came with a plan to showcase the next Call of Duty’s name. And it is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War on August 26th.

Firstly, the incoming features in the Ultimate Edition of Black OPS:

There are a three lane map, weapons and the Land, Sea and Air Pack. It will cost players $89.99, with the bonus content when they will purchase them. In addition to, there are nine item bundle in this pack. Each pack contains operator skin, vehicle skin and weapon blueprint.

The Land Pack:

  1. Operator skin: In the first place, the operator skin for the land pack is a ground suit. And it is completely blends in with the environment.
  2. Weapon blueprint: In addition the weapon skin for the pack includes the powerful sawed off shotgun called ‘SUCKER PUNCH’
  3. Vehicle skin: The vehicle is a tank with a red bear skin with blue and yellow mixed in. Thus it enables it to completely camouflage itself.

The Sea Pack:

  1. Operator skin: Firstly, the operator skin is a blue color wet suit.
  2. Weapon blueprint: Secondly, The weapon skin in the sea pack is a assault rifle ‘Black Tide’
  3. Vehicle skin: The vehicle skin for the submarine is leviathan skin. It’s color’s completely matches with the sea as has been noted.

Last but not the least the Air Pack:

  1. The attention to detail on Operator skin: The operator skin is a blue-colored air suit. And not to mention it looks great.
  2. Weapon Blueprint: The Wingman is a pistol with a unique design added to it thus it looks more attractive.
  3. Vehicle skin: Furthermore, the vehicle skin for the helicopter is a Death Dealer skin. Also it can combat in intense gunfights or flight.

Now the appearance of final-in game may vary, but in this pack players will able to combat in three different places and enjoy the thrill.

It is said that the game will soon release on November 13th on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. It is an unlikely date for the game to release on. However, it doesn’t change the fact that players are eagerly waiting for the game to release and especially for The Land, Sea and Air Pack.

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