New Montezuma’s Curse And Mastercraft Bundle Price, Release Date, Design And Other Details

This about the brand new Montezuma’s Curse and Mastercraft Bundle and its interesting and amazing items which was just announced to be available in the store.

New Montezuma’s Curse

Just, recently, the team has announced their new Montezuma’s Curse and Mastercraft Bundle to be released today. It is available right away in the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Store. Along with the items such as the multiple guns, vehicle skin, and also the new Battle Pass.

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Price of the Bundle

The price of the bundle cost in total about 2000 CP in the store.

Details of the Bundle

In the bundle, there are in total 9 items. And they are the Mayan Maledict, Aztec Assasin, Emerald Idol, Dorado Dasher, Cursed Mark, Mask of Madness, Ritual Sacrifice, Royal Entrance, and in last the 2 skips Battle Pass.

Besides, this bundle also includes a Functional Kill Tracker Watch.

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Design And Further Details of the Pack

  • Mayan Maledict- which is also known as the Submachine Gun Echo. It is a perfectly executed and harmonized color of green, yellow and black. Along with the finishing touch of the 2x or 3x.
  • Aztec Assasin- It is also called by the other name of Tactical Rifle Charlie. And similar to the first gun, it is a bit different and has a brown and blue design to it. And along with the no-scope.
  • Emerald Idol- It is a green-colored Charm with a face drawn in the middle for its decoration.
  • Dorado Dasher- This one is a vehicle skin. And a speedy boat of blue and white-colored as its design. Just like the typical speedboat you see on a beach.
  • Cursed Mark- It is a Calling Card with the skeleton of glowing red eyes on its front.
  • Mask Of Madness- It is an emblem that looks like a pyramid with glowing red eyes.
  • Royal Entrance- And this one is the Vehicle Horn, a soft yet amplified tone along with it.
  • Battle Pass- And finally, the Battle Pass which will allow for players to skip 2 tiers, which makes it irresistible, and the hardest part to not buy the bundle.

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