New Weapon Skins Valorant 2021, New Anime Skin Bundle Collection, Jett Knife Skin And Others

Valorant has recently released its new bundle which is weapon skins and anime skins on 17th February 2021. It is an anime-structured weapon skin collection.

It includes the exclusive,well-designed weapon skin bundle. Apart from that, there is also the Jett Knife skin and other new weapon skins on Valorant which instantly became the player’s favorite. Especially the Jett Knife skin. Due to its unique color, design, or for other reasons.

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In total, there are 2 exclusives, designed anime weapon skin along with one pistol skin, and one rifle, and lastly the favorite Jett Knife skin.

Types and Structures Of Weapons

There is currently 2 anime weapon skin. In which one is an assault rifle gun and the other an SMG gun.

Assault Rifle

And also in terms of design. The assault rifle skin is a blue-pink and light sky color mixed in together. Along with a female anime character with some sort of blue suit on.

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SMG Skin

And the second one is the SMG skin. Which is quite similar to the first one in terms of its color. The only difference here might be in with the female anime character. It is similar one as the first one except it has a yellow outfit with a green hat on top of it.

The Other 3 Skins And Types

The first one we will take a look at is the pistol. The pistol skin is mostly green and blue mixed in, perfectly harmonized. Along with the female character wearing either a kimono or yukata or some sort of traditional Japanese outfit.

And secondly, is the rifle skin. It is mostly blue and white color mixed in. At this time, a male anime character with a white-blue outfit and a hat.

And lastly, the popular skin which is a blue-white and skylight color. Which is mixed in and executed properly with a large circular white ring in the middle giving it sort of a Japanese ninja weapon vibe.

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