New Wraith Skin Has Arrived FOR Apex Twitch Prime Gaming


At this time, Apex Legends announced a new Wraith skin called ”Queen of Hearts” for Twitch Prime Gaming to arrive on January 14. The Legend Wraith, received a lot of skins before but, however, this time it’s for Twitch Prime Gaming and is quite different than the others. Although some players tire of receiving skins from Wraith rather than other legends. As a result, players decide to switch to the legend Octane rather than Wraith.

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Details of the skin

Apart from that, the name and the overall appearance is a direct reference to the Red Queen. Another name of her is, ‘Queen of Hearts’ in the movie, ‘Through the looking glass’. That’s why both the skin is named ”Queen of Hearts” and also been criticized by the players for its horrible and excessive make-up.

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The appearance of the skin

The Queen of Hearts skin is of the female legend Wraith as we already know. The skin has red hair and a scarf wrapped around her neck. Along with a black and white designed outfit with a heart design to symbolize the Red Queen. Furthermore, the skin also has a glove on its hand. And on the lower body a bag on her right hip.

Everything is well-designed. Except if we do not look at it apart from the over-excessive makeup that makes the players say it looks like a clown But, indeed, the team had a lot of features and skins going on. So, it is kinda rush up. But let’s appreciate Respawn and the team for trying to please their audience this year.

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