MD. Fahad Hossain

Md. Fahad Hossain holotin
Md. Fahad Hossain

Role: Editor In Chief

Md. Fahad Hossain: Love traveling but rather than doing it, surf the internet to find the latest news on gaming. It is also a kind of traveling internet gaming sites. So I don’t mind.

Content Cover: Apex Legends, Call Of Duty, Valorant.

Work: Student, curranty completing graduation in Supply Chain Management from North South University, Bangladesh.

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Sakib AL Hasan

Sakib Al Hasan holotin
Sakib Al Hasan

ROLE: Senior Writer

Gaming is one of the entertainment sources of his daily life and he tries his best to update with thrilling and exciting info.

Content Cover: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG Mobile, Rainbow Six Siege.

Work: Student, currently completing A level in science department from Maple Leaf International School, Bangladesh.

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Alvi Islam

Alvi Islam holotin
Alvi Islam

ROLE: Senior Writer

Alvi Islam is a competitive PUBG PC player from Bangladesh. He loves to share his opinion on games and discuss information in detail. Currently, he is studying in college, play games, and keep up to date regarding gaming contents.

Content Cover: Valorant, PUBG, Fortnite.

Work: Student, currently completing HSC in science department from Udayan Higher Secondary School, Bangladesh.

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Sakib Hasan

Sakib Hasan

ROLE: Content Writer

He loves to play games in his free time and see what’s new in the gaming world. He shares the latest news and his impression so that you can be up to date.

Content Cover: League of Legends, Dota 2.

Work: Student, currently completing HSC in science department from Dhaka City College, Bangladesh.

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