Overwatch 2 New Map In India, New York, Rome And Name And Details With Design

The Overwatch 2 team has recently announced their new map which is located in India. There will be other two maps which are New York and Rome. However, the game significantly has focused on the map of India.

At the BlizzConline, the team has revealed the brand new map: India. And in the future the new Indian hero character, Symmetra in the upcoming Overwatch 2. Apart from the new Indian map, there is also Rome and New York. Besides, the team of Overwatch 2 also plans to add additional maps in the near future.

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Location Of New Maps On Overwatch 2

The location of the new map is in India with two famous states Rome and New York.

New India Character Symmetra

Symmetra will be the future character in Overwatch 2. So, Blizzard Entertainment is bringing something new to this game. As India is being included by the team, we can know something more to happen next.

The New Map, India In Details

Obviously, since the map is India. There will be a streamed story regarding the map and also about the new Indian hero character who is called ‘Symmetra’ in Overwatch 2. Just as the Canadian character, Sojourn.

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Overwatch 2 India Map Design

The India map is said to be based on Varanasi, the spiritual town of India. It consists of mainly four places. In which one is an Indian golden, temple place. The other one is a long, greenish barnyard. And the other a red-painted sort of wall with a huge space and a temple in its middle. And lastly, to cover it all up, the enclosed dark circular place. With a lighted some sort of statue in the middle of it.

But, obviously, this is a new map just like the other maps in the game. Talking about the release date, the new map will likely arrive in the year 2022. However, nothing can be said yet. Except then that it is going to be the big maps in Overwatch 2 and also the introduction of the new hero character ‘Symmetra’.

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