Overwatch League MVPs will not get their own skins anymore | Unfortunate News Confirmed by Overwatch

Overwatch League MVPs will not get their own unique skin anymore. Overwatch officials tweeted recently about and they have confirmed it. Fleta’s Echo skin will be the last MVP skin who was the 2020 MVP.

Blizzard has launched two new skins for Overwatch this week. The 2020 League winners San Francisco Shock and seasonal MVP Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim will be the last League MVPs who will be given their own skin. It is quite obvious why they did so.

Overwatch League MVPs unique skin disable

Overwatch started their reward system for MVPs with their own skins in 2018. It started with the previous year’s MVP Sung-Hyeon “JJoNak” Bang and got his “Zen-Nakji” skin. The last year Jay “Sinatraa” Won got an alien Zarya skin and here starts the problem as the player was reported for sexual abuse.

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In the first half of March, the former Overwatch League pro player Won was accused of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend. For the allegation, Won was rejected by his Valorant team and Blizzard announced that they will be removing his MVP skin from Overwatch and also they are offering a refund for players who already bought it.

Though Won has denied all the objections on Social Media and but Bllizard will remove his skins anyway and they said the idea of cosplaying someone accused of abuse is an uncomfortable note for Overwatch.

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Teams may continue to get their own skins for winning but Echo skin will be the last rewarded with an MVP hero skin. Blizzard says it reflects both Fleta’s calm personality and his aggressive in-game playstyle.

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