Patch Notes 2.06 Valorant- Yoru And Viper Buff? Is it the best Decision?

Credit: Valorant

Patch Notes 2.06 Valorant Update will be the first update after they (Officials) released “Astra” in 2.05 patch. Astra is the new agent of the game.

It is the 15th agent of the game. The game officials already announced that they are going to buff Yoru and Viper as they are very low in powers compared to other agents.

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Valorant is the latest and most famous FPS (First Person Shooting) game and now with the new 15th agent being released players are already excited about this. We are not sure about which abilities are going to be buffed. But its sure that Yoru and Viper are going to be buffed. The word buff means making it more powerful and optimized.

Patch Notes 2.06 Valorant- Yoru & Viper Getting Buffed?

Because these agents are quite less powerful than the other agents of the game. And So valorant officials decided to make them powerful than previous. This news will surely be great to the Viper and Yoru mains. As they can play with their agents more aggressively.

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Valorant is the most played FPS game right now and player base of the game is increasing day by day. So the officials are always trying to make the game more optimized and player friendly. So the new patch will be interesting. 2.06 patch will bring some new things as well. So stay tuned for some more news.

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