PCL Season 9 Registration, Price Pool, Start Date, Entry Fee, Format, Time, Schedule- PUBG Console League

The PUBG Console League, in other words, PCL new season is starting. The PCL Season 9 registration is going on. So grab your chance, place yourself, and win money.

Entry Fee

The entry fee of the tournament is $0. It means you can join for free in the tournament.

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Price Pool In Total

The current price pool of the tournament is $10000 USD. But the amount of money might increase.

Service Fee

However, there is an additional service fee which is $10.

Start Date

The start date of the tournament is 5th March 2021.

NA Players On The Team

Each team must have NA players on their team. Otherwise, you cannot join in the tournament.


The format is First Person Perspective, in other words, FPP. The total team will be 64. From the registration, 32 teams will be picked up. The other 16 teams are from Final Season 8 and the rest of the 16 teams are from Winter Classic.

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Begin Time Of PCL Season 9 Matches

The beginning time of every match will be at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Rounds And Groups

The first round will end on the 16th day. The top eight teams will lead to the next round. All the teams will get the chance to play sixteen games. Every group will play for 4 days in this stage. Then round 2 will start. In round 2, 32 matches will be held. From there 24 teams will head-on. After that, round 2 will end, and round 3 will start.

PCL Season 9 Registration

Here what interesting is, the leading 8 teams will qualify for the finals which are round 4. But the 24 teams which are left will compete among themselves from 0 scores. From round 4 the winner will be decided.

Price Pool- Place Percent Payout

The winner will get $5000 USD. The first runners up and second runners up will receive $1500 and $750 USD respectively. The 4th place of the tournament will get $500 USD. 5th place will receive $376 USD. In total 16 teams will get the price according to Place Percent Payout. Also, The highest damage taker, the kill leader, and the MVP will receive $200 USD each. You can visit the tournament page here for more information.

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