PGI.S 2021 Champions are Soniqs from the NA region

PGI.S 2021 Champions are Soniqs from the NA (North America) region. They are the world champions winning the final week of PGI.S (PUBG Global Invitationals Series) 2021

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PGI.S 2021 champions are Soniqs

Soniqs proved that they are the best in the world. They have won this series of Pubg global invitationals series. They have played awesomely and thus won the title.

Credit: Soniqs

They were the most unpredictable team through-out the tournament. They have earned the champion’s title. A well-deserved win by them. Soniqs played great throughout the tournament. They were the first in the rank decision, The first team to secure the weekly survival match. And now they are the champions of the PGI.S (Pubg global invitationals series) 2021 from the NA Region.

Soniqs have won with a total of 90 points in 10 matches. 56 points from killings and 34 placement points. They have dominated these 10 matches. They were the best team in these 10 matches but every team tried hard. Many players have played insanely in this tournament. They have shown their individual skills.

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  • Hwinn
  • Shrimzy
  • M1me

They are the 4 men who have done this incredible work. They have represented the NA region by winning the champions title. PGI.S 2021 champions are soniqs.

Credit: Soniqs


Soniqs Have earned a total of 1,296,189$. The prize money for winning the week was 500,000$ and 696,189$ added from the crowd fundings. So in total, they have earned 1,296,189$ for winning the final week. It was a great tournament for them.


Soniqs stood top of the prize money list winning in a total of 1,296,289$. In Second place Zenith secured a total of 1.009,822$ in their bank.

As The biggest tournament of PUBG, the prize-pool was very big also. Each and every team earned a good amount of cash.

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