PGI.S Week 4 Results- Zenith Esports won. It was a Great Comeback from them.

PGI.S Week 4 Results- Zenith Esports won. It was a Great Comeback from them. They Played Excellent and gave their best to win.

PGI.S Week 4 Finals

Zenith Esports Played awesome and gave their best. They won this week with a Total of 62 points. 40 points for kills and 22 placement points. They also got 1 chicken Dinner. However Digital athletics got 62 points also. But they got only 35 kills which is lower than Zeniths. Thats why Zenith won this week because they were leading the kill points by 5 points. MCG (Multi Circle Gaming) got the 3rd position with a total of 58 points. They were leading the kill points securing 42 kills. Thus they didn’t got so much of position points otherwise things could gone in their favor. DayTrade Gaming got the 4th position with 57 points.

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PGI.S Week 4 prize Distribution

Credit: PUBG Esports

Zenith won 150,000$ by winning this week and got additional 200,000$ From the crowd fundings. Digital Athletics got 75,000$ by securing the 2nd spot. Team MCG (Multi Circle Gaming) and DA (DayTrade Gaming) won 37,500$ each By securing 3rd and 4th place.

Credit:PUBG Esports

Zenith Esports is on top of the chart Winning more than 350,000$ by winning week 4 finals.

Zenith Esports Lineup

  • Kickstar
  • Shinboi
  • Wo1f
  • Poonage
  • Roth

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PGI.S 2021 is the biggest tournament of the game. This tournament is just keep getting more interesting. PGI.S Week 5 will start in the next Tuesday with the prize-pool of 600,000$ without the Crowd fundings. So it will be a hard and interesting week because the prize-pool just got increased and it will be battle for the glory.

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