PGI.S Week 5 Finals Result- Gen.G Won Week 5 Finals, A Great Comeback From Them!

PGI.S Week 5 Finals
Credit: PUBG Esports

PGI.S Week 5 Finals results are here and Gen.G won week 5 finals. A great comeback from them.

PGI.S Week 5 Finals Results

PGI.S Week 5 Finals
Credit: Pubg Esports

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Gen.G won week 5 finals. They have played excellent thus they have won this week Finals. They have earned total 76 points. They have got total 45 kills. So they have secured the 1st position with 45 kill points and others from placements. Meta gaming secured the 2nd position with 73 points. They have played excellent also. They earned 46 points from kills. They are securing the 2nd position of kill list also with 46 kills. Infantry securing the 3rd place with 70 points. They have earned 50 points from killings. They are top of the kill list. Digital Athletics are just underneath infantry with 69 points securing the 4th place of week 5 finals.

PGI.S Week 5 Finals Prize Distribution

Credit: PUBG Esports

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Gen.G have won a massive reward of 300,000 $ for winning this week with additional of 500,000$ from crowd fundings. So they have received 800,000$ in week 5 finals. Meta Gaming has received 150,000$ for securing the 2nd position. Infantry and Digital athletics have won 75,000$ each for securing 3rd and 4th position. The prize-pool was really big this week and in the last week means the 6th week of the tournament the it will be even bigger. So it’s going to be a massacre in the battlegrounds next week.

Credit: PUBG Esports

Gen.G is standing top of the prize ladder winning 880,000$. It’s a huge amount of money. The prize money will be even bigger in the week 6 finals. So every team is going to give their best for the race for the money.

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