PGI.S Weekly Finals 5, Day-1 Results, MCG Holding Top!

PGI.S weekly finals 5, Day-1 is done and MCG (Multi circle gaming) is on the top. Total 5 matches are finished at Day-1.


PUBG Global Invitationals 2021 is the biggest tournament of the game. This tournament will be played for 6 weeks. 4 weeks are finished and we have got the results. Weekly Finals 5 is going on and 1st day is done. Total 10 matches are played each weeks. 5 matches each day. So 1 day means 5 matches are finished and by seeing the chart we can see MCG (Multi Circle Gaming) is on the top.

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MCG (Multi Circle Gaming) is standing top in day one securing 52 points. They got 2 chicken Dinners in 5 matches. They are standing top of the kill list also securing 29 kills. They have played excellent at day 1. If they can play with the same flow in day 2, we can say that they can win weekly finals 5.

Petrichor is in the 2nd position with 44 points. They got 1 chicken Dinner and 23 kills in day-1. If they can somehow pulled it off at day 2 then they can win week 5. They need to give their best so that they can win this week.

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Virtus Pro (VP) is just under petrichor with 43 points. They are securing the 3rd place with 43 points. Only 1 points difference between Petrichor and Virtus Pro. Virtus Pro didn’t won any matches but they got 25 Points from killings and others from placements. They can do it also. Virtus Pro is unpredictable so you’ll never know. So stay tuned for latest news of PUBG PGI.S weekly finals 5 results and other informations.

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