PGI.S Week 3 Results- Faze Clan Won And STK Took The Kill MVP!

Results of PGI.S Week 3 results are delivered. In the PGI.S (PUBG Global Invitationals.S) Week 3 final, Faze clan won it. The North American Team STK Walks away with the Kill MVP.

PGI.S Week 3 Results

PUBG Global Invitationals.S is The biggest tournament so far. By winning the week 3 finals Faze clan won 212,0000$. It was a great week. Faze clan played undoubtedly well. But it was a hard week for them. At first, everyone thought that VP (Virtus Pro Gaming) will win this week. But Faze clan didn’t let them win.

Faze Clan is a European Team and it is one of the best teams in the world. Their Current PUBG lineup is-

  • Fuzzface
  • Ubah
  • Aitzy
  • Gustav
  • Didz
  • And Rawrry

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STK Wins The Kill MVP

Team Shoot To kill (STK) got the most kill this week. They got 59 kills in this week. Taking 4th place also. They earned a total of 73 points. As for Faze Clan, They have got 49 kills with 3 chicken Dinners and earned a total of 96 Points. Virtus Pro (VP) got 2nd place this week earning a total of 87 points. 56 points from kills and 10 points from 1 chicken Dinner. Gen.G earned the 3rd position with 78 points. 47 points from kills and 1 Chicken Dinner.

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PGI.S Week 3 Results created excitement among supporters. The Players who voted For STK for the Kill MVP will get 200k Ep’s and for the week 3 finals who voted for Faze clan are going to Receive 100k Ep. Players can buy in-game items with these points. This time the predictions were very hard to make because 4AM and Infantry didn’t qualified to play the week 3 finals. PGI.S 2021 is the most Hyped tournament for the players. We can already see why it is so Hyped. Because it is bringing the best experience for the viewers.

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